Since 2001
  • Roger Stewart's Core Bridge


    Made in the USA! Do you want to keep your body posture tall? Run, jump, twist or bend without pain? If so, Roger Stewart's Core Bridge is the perfect core fitness product for you! 16 x 20 Instruction Poster & hand towel Included (See the instructional poster for exercises)

    • Made in the USA. This product will last a lifetime and guaranteed to never lose its unique shape
    • Partial flat bottom strategically placed to control your movement for beginner and advanced individuals alike
    • Staggered side handles that serve as anchors when targeting the lower back, lower abs, or glutes
    • A contoured arc shape that keeps body position in perfect alignment for easy use
    • Rounded corners with inlaid ribs for comfort and smooth rocking motion
    • Portable, durable, and easy to use
    • FREE 16 x 20 Instruction Poster Included
    • FREE Hand Towel Included