Since 2001
“I believe Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine has helped me with my vertical jump and I use it to stretch before every game. “ Tracy McGrady, Houston Rockets 

“I recently tried the Extreme Calf Machine and I have NEVER experienced a complete movement with total contraction at both the top and bottom of the movement. I am looking forward to my new calf development using my new Extreme Calf Machine. . . “ Richard Jones, NPC, USA Winner Overall 

“Being a top Pro Bodybuilder half of my adult life, I can appreciate the development of a small piece of equipment that can deliver Big Results! I can travel with it, share it with friends and even move it around in the gym, when training! As a Bodybuilder with "High Calves" the Extreme Calf Machine has helped me in developing Complete, Long Full Calves the judges are looking for! Awesome job on keeping the evolutionary equipment up with the constant changing physiques of today!" ... Shawn Ray, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, San Diego, CA

I have been using the Extreme Calf Machine for over a year now. It has increased my strength and balance in my calves and ankles helping me win professional surfing and championships. . . .Marcello Sallet, Professional Surfer

“I have been using Roger Stewart's Calf machine for the past several years and will continue to train with it for the in 2005. It's a great piece to have, easy to carry around and can be set up anywhere. A must for gyms- I have two. I stretch every time I leave the garage. . . “ Lee Apperson, I.F.B.B. Professional

“I have to say when I use Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine, it's the BEST workout for my calves, bar-none! I love to use it under the Smith Machine. . . “ Terrill David, Baton Rouge, LA

“Ouch!! It seems to be working. I've only been on it for four workouts and I can already start to see it working. Alot of blood is getting to the muscle. I am very happy . . . “ Maurice Sandoval, MaxMuscle Stockton 

“I could feel the workout I got from the Extreme Calf Machine was one of intensity. The wider range of motion that it provides makes a big difference over normal calf exercises. The Extreme Calf Machine is effective and easy to use. I made it an integral part of my workout. . . Brian Uhl, World Gym Orlando 

I feel the contraction right when I start the upward movement. My calves are harder and more cut than ever before....close to a quarter inch in 6 weeks after training 4 days a week. The single leg calf raise is killer . . . Armand Basilico, Williamsburg, VA

“This machine gives me the strength and flexibility to be on my feet for an extended time. As a high school and college biology teacher, my work lends itself to walking and moving throughout the day. Also, as a country and western dance entertainer for corporate events, I have the confidence to perform without fatigue. I appreciate Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine, as it is easy to use with immediate results. “ Barry Feldman

“Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine allows a full range of motion of plantar flexion to dorsi flexion. It allows the achilles tendon to achieve a maximum stretch while strengthening the stability of the ankle. A fabulous device for joint isolation.“ Ken Olson, Kicker for Buffalo Bills 1986, San Francisco 49rs Roster 1985, United States Football League 1983-84, 
Arena League Football, Los Angeles Cobras Inventor and patent owner of Block-It, Exercise Physiologist, Exercise and Strength Conditioning Coach 

“Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation. We have to carry heavy and awkward objects, pull charged hose lines and travel up flights of stairs at a moments notice. As the Wellness Coordinator of Orange County Fire and Rescue, I am obligated to ensure our men and women are physically prepared for any and all labor intensive tasks. They must be able to carry out their assignments safely and efficiently. When we perform physical ability testing, I noticed we had numerous complaints about the calf muscles burning and failing during the hose pull and stir climb. We needed a method to strengthen these muscles. Roger Stewart asked me to try out one of his Extreme Calf Machines. I took it to the gym and got an incredible calf workout. I took it to some of our fire stations to see what they thought. After my experience and feedback from many of our firefighters, I purchased one for all 33 stations and they are well used. It was perfect for our situation. It is portable, durable, affordable and easy to use.“ Lt. Rick Segrest Orange County Fire and Rescue Orlando, FL 

I am very proud to tell everyone that I was one of the first to receive and test the new invention that you developed the Extreme Calf Machine. This machine does more than develop your calf's. The ligaments around the knees are strengthened as well as other parts of the lower leg. I would strongly recommend that you present this machine to the runners of the world. I also like the way it fits into a gym bag and the light weight of this equipment.“ Walt Oster, Mid East Zone Chairman, National Physique Committee USA

"I have used the original calf machine in my commercial and home gym's for 10 years. The equipment is as new as the day I bought it! And they offer the perfect calf blast workout. The quality on the Extreme calf machine's is excellent. You can't wear it out! I love my extreme calf machine and the new extreme 2 is also fantastic. I highly recommend Roger's calf machines. They will last you a lifetime." Dan Burke THE FIGURE COACH. Author. 20 years competing in the NPC Trainer

"I have been using Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine for about 14 months now. It is amazing!!! No other Calf Machine, whether it be in the gym or at home will give the results that I have seen since using this product. I have went up in stregth, and my whole leg feels stronger now. I know first hand I went from weak, underdeveloped calves, to people noticing and saying to me nice calves. I will use this religiously for the rest of my life." Alex Pompa, Personal Trainer Orlando, FL

"I use the calf machine to work on my bad foot and keep my calves working evenly. Women who aren`t bodybuilders don`t need big calves but exercises on the calf machine is good for balance, better symmetry, range of motion and tone. The compliments I was getting changed from"Nice legs." to "Nice legs... and calves." Never underestimate how working the entire body including calf work can improve overall performance, quality of life and appearance." Karen Burch